The cost to use the Lucina Birth Centre facility is $650 (no GST). This is not covered by Alberta Health Services.

Prior to registering for Lucina Birth Centre, you must discuss with your midwife if you are a good candidate for out-of-hospital birth. We do not provide midwives – you must apply and obtain midwifery care prior to registering with us for your birth location (learn more about applying for Alberta Midwives here).

If you have supplementary health insurance/benefits plan through your employer, this expense may be summitted by you and reimbursed as a “Private Hospital Room” expense. *Note: we are a private medical facility and are not registered as a “hospital” with most insurers so you may be required to get authorization from your insurer. Our fees are usually covered through Health/Wellness Spending Account. We do not direct bill to your insurance company and we have no information regarding what your plan will cover. Please call them directly to find out.

Birth centre fees can also be claimed as a medical expense on your annual income tax return.

We issue “official” receipt for insurance purposes after the birth (because we may end up refunding you if you do not use the facility – see refund policy on this page).

You can access your online account and make payments anytime you’d like, in any amount you’d like and the process is very simple! Upon registration you may choose to pay in full or to pay in installments. If paying in installments:

1st Payment: non-refundable registration fee of $200 (no GST) is required to secure your booking

2nd Payment: $225 (no GST) is due at or before 32 weeks

3rd Payment: $225 (no GST) is due at or before 37 weeks.

Please let us know in your registration form if you need a customized payment plan.

Fees can be paid online with credit card, by e-transfer to birthcentre @lucinamidwives.ca, or in person with cash.

Refund Policy

Your registration deposit of $200 is non-refundable.

We understand that birth doesn’t always go as expected. If  you are unable to birth with us for any reason, simply email us at birthcentre @lucinamidwives.ca and we will refund you $450 ($650 less the $200 non-refundable registration fee). As long as the birth suite was not used, a refund may be requested.

Please note, we do not issue refunds for fast births where the room was used for less time than expected, or if a transfer from the birth centre to the hospital is required. Because we have very strict and thorough cleaning and laundering policies, if the birth room is used then the full fee applies.

To request a refund please contact us by email at birthcentre @lucinamidwives.ca

Donating your refund to the Lucina Family Support Fund

You can make someone else’s out-of-hospital birthing dream come true!

In the event that you do not use the birth centre and you would like to donate your fee to the Lucina Family Support Fund, it will go toward someone in our community who faces systematic and financial barriers and could not otherwise afford the birth centre fees (people of colour, Indigenous birthers, 2SLGBTQI+). The families that receive these donation are profoundly impacted and incredibly grateful!

If you’d like to donate your refund, please click here or email us at birthcentre @lucinamidwives.ca.