Product and Rental Price List (includes tax):

To purchase a product, send us a quick email to let us know what you need. Your item will be available at Lucina Birth Centre in our outdoor pick-up box after payment is made.
Payment for store products should be sent via etransfer to with your name noted in the comments. There is NO TAX on our products.


Affirmation Cards $30

APNO (Prescription All Purpose Nipple Ointment) $20

Book: Healing After Birth (by Jennifer Summerfeldt) $25

Cranberry for UTI (by NFH) $34.50

D Mannose for UTI (by NFH) $39

Evening Primrose Oil – EPO (by NFH) $39

Golden Milk Latte for digestion (by Nourish & Nurture) $15

Homeopathic Tablets (by Boiron): Anxiousness $13

Homeopathic Tablets (by Boiron): Birth-Prep $13

Homeopathic Tablets (by Boiron): Fever/Flu $13

Homeopathic Tablets (by Boiron): Nausea $12

Iron Blood Builder (by Metagenics) $55

Iron  (by NFH) $17

Magnesium (by NFH) $22

Milk Supply: Milkflow Capsules – fenugreek & blessed thistle (by UpSpring) $33.50

Milk Supply: Flow Powder – 1 week supply (by Nourish & Nurture) $15

Milk Supply: Flow Powder – 1 month supply (by Nourish & Nurture) $40

Prenatal Vitamin  (by NFH) $53.50

Probiotic Adult – 11 billion CFU (by NFH) $59

Probiotic “Recovery” – 50 billion CFU (by NFH) $47

Probiotic Children – 10 billion CFU (by NFH) $41

Tincture: After-Birth Cramps (by Wild Fox Herbals) $35

Tincture: “Peaceful Mama” Mood (by Fairfield Herbals) $34.50

Tincture: “Sweet Dreaming” Sleep (by Fairfield Herbals) $34.50

Tea: Nourish the Mother (by Wild Fox Herbals)  $15

Tea: Mother’s Milk (by Wild Fox Herbals) $15

Tea: Plain Nettle Leaves $5

Vitamin D Drops (by NFH) $22

Vitamin D Drops (by Metagenics) $30

Vitamin K Drops (by Le Soleil Wellness)  $35