Equipment Rentals

We rent labour & birth equipment for you to bring to your home or the hospital!

Why purchase these items when you only need them for a short amount of time? Lucina Birth Centre is thrilled to be offering these rentals to our community to bring with them to hospital or home birth.

Did you know that 100% of the profits of your rental fee go directly to the Lucina Family Support Fund? It’s true! Through this fund, we support subsidy requests for birth centre fees for people facing systematic and financial barriers (people of colour, Indigenous birthers, 2SLGTBQI+).

If you’d like to rent any of our birth equipment please fill out this rental form. After this is completed, we will send you an online Safety Agreement & Terms of Use and an invoice which can be paid online via credit card or through etransfer to familysupportfund (password “Lucina”). We will set-up a pick-up and drop-off time.

**If you are registered to birth at LBC, these items are already included and in each birthing suite.

Rent the CUB Inflatable Birth Stool 

Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) Inflatable Birth Stool is an incredible tool that quickly inflates for a hospital or home birth. Use it with one ring inflated, or two! We include a positioning manual and a pump.

You can learn more about the evidence on benefits of upright labour & birth and this specific product on their website here.

Rental Cost: $40

Rent the Peanut Ball

The peanut ball is one of the most-loved birthing tools by birth professionals! This inflatable exercise ball, shaped like a peanut, does an amazing job of opening the pelvis and creating space for baby to descend into the birth canal. Whether you’re squatting on it, popping it between your legs while side-lying, or using it during an epidural, this will encourage a normal physiological birth. We include a positioning manual and a pump.

45cm diameter ball: ideal for people 5’7″ tall or shorter

60cm diameter  ball: ideal for people 5’8″ or taller

Learn more about the evidence on the benefits of it’s use during labour here.

Rental Cost: $10

Rent the TENS Machine

The TENS machine can be a very helpful pain-coping tool in labour, postpartum, and for menstruation. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is widely used by physiotherapists for pain-relief and injury recovery. This unit is specifically designed for labour with two electrodes that will stick to your low back and can be taken on and off as needed. It gives you full control over the intensity of the vibrations and uses the “Gate Control Theory” to flood the brain with this sensory buzzing feeling so that the brain doesn’t fully perceive the sensation from labour contractions.

Learn more about the evidence on benefits of it’s use during labour here.

Rental Cost: $40

Rent the Inflatable Donut

The Inflatable Donut gives mobility to the sacrum and coccyx while also promoting upright positioning – which is really important during the latter end of labour and during pushing.
Unlike a yoga ball, this has a hole in the middle to give space for movement. Many people feel like the yoga ball applies too much perineal pressure during pushing, but this will feel great!
Ways to use this tool:
-sit on it in the hospital bed with the back of the bed up (imagine a sitting in a thrown).
-sit on it on the ground or shower to mimic a balanced squat
-lean on it on the bed, couch, or floor
-pop it between your legs while side lying to open the pelvis
-put one leg up on it while sitting in a chair or on toilet
-use it behind your back in bed to add back-support during pushing
-get creative and tell us how you used it!
50cm diameter & 30cm height

Rental Cost: $10