Midwife Application

Application Forms:

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, please complete the Lucina Midwives internal application form here.

We may not be able to accommodate your request for care. To increase your chances of being accepted into care with other midwifery practices as well, you should fill out the Alberta Midwifery Request for Care form. *Note: selecting specific midwifery practices on this application form means you’re ONLY visible to those practices.*

Important to Note:

  • We have our own internal application form and intake process. If you’ve already applied online though the Alberta Midwifery Request for Care, you must still fill out our internal form linked above.
  • Filling out the application form does not mean you’ve been accepted into midwifery care.
  • When accepting patients into our care, we prioritize out-of-hospital birthing people (Lucina Birth Centre and home-birth).
  • In order to qualify for midwifery care, you must be experiencing a low-risk, healthy pregnancy.
  • If accepted into care, you may need to travel to both of our clinic locations and, in some circumstances, have virtual appointments. We have two clinic locations for appointments; our West clinic location is located at 9505 163 Street NW, Edmonton (Carly’s clinic). Our East clinic location is located at 6426 112 Ave NW, Edmonton (Laura & Janette’s clinic).
  • For more information about Lucina Midwives and midwifery care in general, please browse the informative website by CLICKING HERE.
  • For more information about the Lucina Birth Centre, which is a privately-paid birthing facility for anyone with an Alberta midwife, CLICK HERE.
  • If you do not have Alberta Health Care coverage and you are interested in paying for midwifery services privately please send an email to lucinamidwivesintake@gmail.com
  • All of the information you provide on this form is kept confidential.

How to Apply for Care with Lucina Midwives:

  1. Fill out this linked application form. Filling out this form does not mean you’ve been accepted into care. Our midwives need to review the application.
  2. Wait for a reply. If accepted into care, we will email you to confirm your intake process and set-up an initial intake appointment. We require a prompt reply. Be sure to check your junk mail for our reply. If accepted into care, you’ll be able to connect with your midwife directly via email for further communications regarding appointment rebooking/cancelling and your health care.
  3. Due to high volume of applications, we are unable to reply to everyone regarding the status of their application. If you have not received an email from us, it means we are unable to accommodate your request for care and have put you on our internal waitlist.