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Note: Lucina Birth Centre operates independently from Lucina Midwives. You do not need to be a Lucina Midwifery patient in order to use the birth centre. Any Alberta Midwife can bring patients to our facility.

Providing a safe out-of-hospital birthing option for midwifery patients in Edmonton and surrounding area. Private, comfortable, water birth suites for a more supported and empowering birth experience.

We acknowledges that we are guests on the land that has been inhabited by First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Indigenous Peoples since time began. This land has been cared for by Indigenous Peoples with respect and gratitude. Lucina Midwives wishes to acknowledge that occupation of this land comes with the duty to uphold and cherish the birthing traditions of all Indigenous people who came before us. For it is by birth that life begins and it is our belief that with this acknowledgement life can be renewed.

We believe in safe spaces for all birthing people and use inclusive language. Everyone has the right to a dignified, safe, comfortable birthing experience.